Occlusal Integration

Treating Occlusion with Prosthodontic Intervention in Marblehead & Swampscott

When the primary and surrounding factors of a smile are affected by improper bite alignment, also known as occlusion, it significantly affects the function, health, and beauty of your smile, as the way your teeth fit together is essential.

Even the slightest misalignment can potentially lead to a variety of issues, from having difficulty maintaining an optimal oral hygiene routine to temporomandibular joint (TMJ) issues, chronic headache, and even trouble breathing. With the ever-advancing treatment techniques in the field of dentistry, traditionally aesthetic-focused treatment such as prosthodontics can be utilized to provide reliable and long-lasting solutions to alleviating occlusion and its many associated issues.

With over 25 years as an established prosthodontist, Dr. Jeffery Dornbush is committed to providing skilled and completely personalized occlusion therapy with custom-crafted dental prosthetics and appliances throughout the Marblehead and Essex County communities. To find out how our personalized crowns, bridges, partials and denture restorations can help you achieve the proper bite system, we encourage you to call our friendly team today!

Resolving Occlusion Issues with Prosthodontic Intervention from Dr. Jeffrey Dornbush

When a smile is missing teeth, it can cause the healthy, neighboring teeth to shift into the gap, contributing towards a multitude of issues that include occlusal complications. In knowing this, Dr. Dornbush and his team halt many problems caused by missing or damaged teeth using occlusal intervention with our dental prosthetic devices.

We initiate your treatment with a detailed examination of your teeth and the surrounding structures to determine the level of your occlusal complications. Dr. Dornbush uses his extensive knowledge as a prosthodontist to craft a truly unique treatment plan to encourage bite harmony and alleviate occlusal tension.

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Dr. Jeffrey Dornbush and his knowledgeable team at Aesthetic Dental Innovations of Marblehead believe that beautiful, long-lasting smiles begin with optimal oral health. We aim to create full-functioning dentitions by efficiently and effectively treating occlusion with the use of top-quality prosthetic crowns, bridges, partial and denture appliances. We humbly serve smiles throughout the Marblehead and Essex County communities.